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The opportunity to enrich your life and the lives of these beautiful animals awaits! At Rehab Rescue Safari, we offer a fully immersive experience to build your knowledge of exotic wildlife handling and establish a foundational knowledge of the tasks associated with their care. Our training excursions build up your skills to positively enrich the lives of a variety of rehabilitated wildlife, as you partake in the noble stewardship of enriching and caring for the incredible souls of the animal kingdom. Each animal has a story, and you are welcome to be written in its pages…

Each tour consists of the following curriculum:

  • Wildlife safety and procedures

  • Facility management / Enclosure safety

  • Animal Enrichment 

  • Weight management

  • Food prep

  • Full participation feeding of big cats (Lions, Tigers)

  • Communication / Body language association

  • Hands on Class 3 wildlife conduct

  • Photo Opportunities 

  • Q&A with your guide throughout entire encounter


there are only 8 sPOTS in each RESCUE SAFARI and they fill up quickly. If you want in, make a reservation today.